We here at Madd Chaise are some of the biggest supporters of small businesses and developments within the inner city.  Our company is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Mac Shop!  This is some of the best macaroni ever tasted, with a unique and delicious spin on traditional mac n cheese! 

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Many, many thanks!

To all who supported the very first public opening of the Mac (and cheese) Shop at ROCK FINANCIAL! This is a company that believes in supporting small business owners. See you next week Rock with some more creative concoctions.

Of course with anything the first time is always a learning experience. We at the Mac Shop appreciate the supportive and encouraging environment!

"Try it you might like it!" And if you don't like it , try a different one ;) A satisfied customer, is a happy one ;-)

A message from the Mac (and cheese)Shop


What people are saying:

"Some of the best macaroni in human history!"

-Loren S

"It's not a side dish, its like eating a delicious meal."


"It's worth every bite and then some..."

-Alexandra C

"Very surprised at the Coney Island Mac. Soooo good!"

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menu changes weekly.
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Wednesday and Saturday hours only  For inquires please email or text. Thank You